Daeyang Electric Co., Ltd. BUSAN, South Korea 
Daeyang Electric Co., Ltd.

Lighting division, which has produced lighting devices for ship at the beginning, is a business division specially producing all kinds of lighting devices, switches, plugs, etc. for ship, train or plants, etc. Its products are favorably commented by customers by obtaining the international certificates from national or international institutes such as UL, BASEEFA, etc. owning to our infinite R&D. It produces products of good quality for all fields of lighting from industrial lighting devices to view, interior and special lighting.


Presentation: www.daeyang.equip4ship.com

Address: South Korea, BUSAN, 604-030 503, Shinpyeong-Dong, Saha-ku

Contact person: e-mail, website

Phone: +82 51 2005281

Fax: +82 51 2005210

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Main Switchboard Send enquiry  
Main Switchboard
Rated Voltage 500VAC.Max
Rated Frequency 60Hz
Rated current 8000A , Max
Withsland current 100KA, rms, sym. 1sec
Ambient Temperature 55 Max
Communication Switchboard Send enquiry  
Communication Switchboard
Ambient temperature 55 C Max
Relative Humidity 95%
Rolling & pitching U.S DOD-STD-1399, SEC, 301
Shock & Vibration MIL-S-901D, MIL-STD-167
EMI & EMC MIL-STD-461/2, 464/1310

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